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About  Us

I live with my family in East Greenbush. My wife and I have four children under the age of nine. I always wanted to be a businessman. Little did I know that not only would I have the opportunity to own a business but also the privilege to own one where the businesses main service or specialty is to help other small business owners thrive financially.

GBA has been in service since 2020 and boasts a clientele from diverse industries from pizzerias and chiropractors to automotive mechanics and law firms. Also, business owners from diverse ethnicities, from Vietnamese to Senegalese and Italian to African American. We get to know our clients and their unique struggles/challenges. The main product of this company is “peace of mind for the busy small business owner” through several commitments listed below.

The Commitment:

Peace of mind for you as you know the business's financial health at any given time, remain compliant with federal and state authorities, and have trustworthy counsel for tax, bookkeeping, and other financial/accounting matters. We will always try our best to:

  1. Capture all business income and expenses. Create accurate and helpful monthly financial statements. Advise simple, significant, and specific steps to increase take-home profit/salary.

  2. Pay/remit accurate timely taxes (sales, quarterly taxes, etc.). Prevent/Negotiate exorbitant penalties. File end-year income taxes to make personal and business end-of-the-year taxes headache-free.

  3. Answer any concerns/questions that come up. Maintain compliance and minimize audit risk. Prioritize honest communication and fair prices to make doing business together a joy.


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